1st photo: Mrunch with my co-beauty queen, Toni Suzuki, before heading to the Med auditorium to watch a movie. 

2nd photo: Bought a Green Tea mask at Tony Moly. Thanks to Sha Lareza for introducing this amazing Green Tea mask to me. Really worth it (for me).

3rd photo: Had a late lunch with my sister at Four Fingers after waiting for her. Didn’t go to school though because of the heavy rain. And you know, if there’s heavy rain, expect flood in UST.

4th photo: I had white pizza and blueberry cheesecake at Sbarro the other day with myself. What a loner! Haha, kidding! I sometimes prefer having lunch by myself though. Anyway, they serve good music and food there. And wow, can’t believe I can now actually order food and eat all alone by myself inside the mall. Dalaga na!

5th photo: Browsed through Isabelle Daza’s instagram; such an inspiration! I badly want a flat tummy now. After how many days, finally jogged and worked out again.

6th photo: Wearing the mask! I scare ‘cause I care!

Long weekend stories

Long weekend no. 1, Thursday: Started my morning right by thanking God for waking me up. Prayed and thanked Him for the sky, sun, and the air we all breathe in. Thank You, Lord for this beautiful life we all live in. Then after, opened my Bible and read the story about David and Goliath. Upon reading it, David showed and proved that it isn’t his battle nor our battle, but it is God’s. David trusted God and put his faith in Him.


Breakfast with ma and helper! Well, I was suppose to go to derec with my mom but I realized that she’s heading to MCU after and I`ll be going to SM north to see my girls. Well anyway, I wasn’t able to wait for my two beautiful best friends since I have to go to Pasig. I ate lunch with myself at Sbarro; good music and food in there though.


While on our way to Pasig (Yes, our, mommy fetched me in Trinoma, and if you don’t know yet, I call my lola mommy. So anyway back to what I was saying), we rode a train. I was just there sitting on the long blue “train chair” beside the door, and was just looking and observing. On our first ride, three teenage girls. I think they’re freshmens but, I don’t know, they might be sophomores or something but I do know that they’re in college already since they don’t wear uniforms and talks about college stuff like those classes things. One of them kept on saying bad words while making kwento and I don’t know why she has to but, nevermind. They went out of the train when it was in Cubao already, then a nurse came in and stood beside me. She smells like hospital and sometimes I love the smell of hospitals and sometimes I don’t. I wonder what happened today while she was working. How her patients are and those people inside the place she’s working in. This is probably too weird but, haha. Then I looked around again and saw a pretty lady, holding a huge paper bag. I think she went shopping. She dresses like she works in an office, wearing high heels and a scarf. I looked at her and I think she smiled back to me or she was just looking at my bag and smiling at it. I`m not sure. Then, we went out of the train at Ortigas station. While going down the stairs, there’s this lady who saw a 10 centavo coin and picked it up; I am sure that that isn’t hers. I was shocked and was like “Wow! People still pick that up nowadays?” haha. But yeah, a 10 centavo coin is indeed important too.


I was having a conversation with my blockmate yesterday while on our way home. A conversation about exchanging random experiences, realizations, and thoughts about how God changed our lives. It was just really amazing and heart warming having talks like this to a new found friend.
My blockmate of mine told me that she thanks God for changing her life. She said, “Nagpapasalamat nga ako kay God kasi hindi niya ko pinabayaan.”. It was very heart-warming hearing this. I am so amazed by God. How He works through peoples lives, how He changes broken people into something beautiful.
The photo above was just a dramatic one. Haha!


I was having a conversation with my blockmate yesterday while on our way home. A conversation about exchanging random experiences, realizations, and thoughts about how God changed our lives. It was just really amazing and heart warming having talks like this to a new found friend.

My blockmate of mine told me that she thanks God for changing her life. She said, “Nagpapasalamat nga ako kay God kasi hindi niya ko pinabayaan.”. It was very heart-warming hearing this. I am so amazed by God. How He works through peoples lives, how He changes broken people into something beautiful.

The photo above was just a dramatic one. Haha!

Lord, I will trust in You.: If you're reading this, →

I want you to know that you are loved. If you’ve ever been alone, hurt, broken or used, then you know that this world can be a vicious place. Words are hurtful and we hold on to things we should have let go of a long time ago. Sometimes, society makes us think we aren’t good enough. I wanted to…

"Learn new things. If you keep doing the same things it will be harder and harder to escape from the routine. Instead, try to learn something new everyday of your life; learn from everything, even the smallest of beings and remember that nature is an endless pool of knowledge. During the process of learning, try to apply some of the things you’ve learnt; and try to travel, visit new places, you definetly have some place you would want to visit, so go for it."


A different place, left to right, nothing seems familiar. Different people, faces that are anonymous. Everything. Everything different.

It seems like everything is really going to be different now, wether I like it or not. Hard? Yes, for some reasons. Fun? Yes, it will be a new adventure, meeting new people, making friends, and facing new challenges. Those stuff that will indeed test my faith and how much I trust God, how tight I hold on to Him even if things don’t go on how the way I planned and wanted it to be.

It’s time to step and get out of our comfort zone. It’s time to face the real world.

Instagram shots.

I’ve got an immense love for clouds, sky, and those pink and blue effect.

My Two Cents

Different people, different emotions
The world we all live in contains different kinds of creature
We all exist for a purpose and reason
But not all of us knows why

We all have a mission here.But those who doesn’t focus on His word doesn’t know what they’re doing here on Earth. They only know that they exist. They only know that they just have to survive everyday. Well, yes, that may be correct but, what is your real purpose in life? Do you even know why you’re here?

In one of my class, “Does God exist? Is there really a God?” and that “If God created everything, does that mean He created evil?” became our topic. Due to what the world offers to some people now, all the fun and other stuff, they tend to forget God, question God’s existence because of the fact that some people haven’t encountered Him yet. Anyway, let me answer and say my two cents and opinions with this kind of questions and topics.

Does God really exist? Is there really a God?

Yes! Of course God is real! He exists! There is a God! There is a God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The one who created and started everything. The one who made you and me. 

It’s just funny that some say that we create our own god through imagination and mind. Well, it may be true but, that isn’t really God. That’s just a god that you invented and created through your mind. You’re just making a god that isn’t even really a god. You can just say that it’s your god or it’s a god.

If we just create our own gods in our minds, then who created you? Who created us? Who created the plants, the soil, animals, the sun, the clouds, and the sky? Now don’t tell me that we came from monkeys or those chimpanzees. If we came from those then who created them? If we came from those then why is it that up until now, monkeys in Manila zoo and any other zoos aren’t humans yet?

God knew that all of these will happen. That’s why it was written in the 10 commandments. Commandment number two, it says there:

“You shall have no other gods before me.” -Exodus 20:3

Sorry for being so defensive but I just want all of you to know and believe that there is a God, a King, who loves us so much. This God of ours loves us so much that He sent His only son Jesus to sacrifice Himself, die on the cross to save us from all our sins.

So, if God created everything, does that really mean He created evil?

Here’s something that I firmly believe and says everything about this question:
"God did not create evil, but He does allow evil. If God had not allowed for the possibility of evil, both mankind and angels would be serving God out of obligation, not choice. He did not want “robots” that simply did what He wanted them to do because of their “programming.” God allowed for the possibility of evil so that we could genuinely have a free will and choose whether or not we wanted to serve Him."

Now just imagine if life would be so perfect and good everyday. Think of a life with no problems. Do you think that there would still be thrill and challenges? Will you still talk to God? Will you still thank God for having a perfect life? I don’t think so. By then, you might be able to forget about Him. Knowing that you don’t need Him anymore because your life’s so perfect already. God doesn’t want you forgetting Him. God wants you to communicate with Him each and everyday.

& wouldn’t that be boring? Knowing that there won’t be new challenges and adventures to face since your life’s perfect and okay already? How can God’s sovereignty be shown if He didn’t allow evil, right? How will you know that you need God? How will you know God?

I`m just really thankful that I grew up in a family who knows Jesus. A family who knows God. A family who taught me that in every blessing, suffering, challenges, and problems, always thank God. Always call Him and pray to Him because in the end, you`ll see wonderful and amazing things happen in your life.

I’ve got to no one against to and this is just my two cents and opinions. So please don’t look at it as a negative way. Please do correct me if you see something wrong about this blogpost. Drop by my ask.fm! http://ask.fm/izellacordova

Not yet convinced that there is a God? Hahaha! Oh, the things you’re missing. :)

God answers prayers!

This January 2013, I wrote some of my faith goals and prayed for the stuff that I wrote. One of the things that I wrote was to pass UPCAT, USTET, and all the college exams that I`m about to take, and get in to a university. Results came and I was so disappointed. Yep! March 23, 2013, I tweeted

“I will never understand the things You want to do with my life. Still, I will worship and praise You with all my heart. #college

and I even cried. Yes, I did! But that didn’t stop me. I prayed, believed, I trusted Him, I kept my faith, and waited for His answer.

My mom came home from a meeting, and told me that I will now be studying in UST. I was really shocked and was all “How did that happen?” and stuff. It was really unexpected, and I am so thankful to God for answering my prayers. It’s all by God’s grace and goodness.

This afternoon, I opened and checked my planner, the date/day when my mom told me that I will be studying in UST, I wrote there “In Jesus name! I will have a school for college.”, and I almost cried and had teary eyes because I am just way too amazed with God’s works! When I read that, it’s like I wanted to shout because of too much joy. I also checked my journal (where my faith goals are written) and saw that I highlighted the “To pass UPCAT and USTET…” faith goal of mine with a light yellow highlighter. & on top of that page, I read “Failed! But don’t worry, God has a plan.”, that’s what the light yellow high lighter means, and wow! God indeed has a plan! God doesn’t only have a plan but He has better plans! It was just so amazing! I am blessed. Thank You, Lord!

1. Pray

Nothing beats the power of prayer. Always keep that in mind. When in problems, struggles, pain, and other stuff, you pray. & when you pray, pray with your whole heart like you really believe that He’s going to do something, and He will answer those prayers of yours.

2. Believe and Trust

Believe in Him, and trust in Him. He has better plans in stored for you. Surrender everything to Him and let Him take over the wheel of your life.

Let me quote a verse for you guys:

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26

Everything is possible with God, and by everything, I really mean everything. As in all.

3. Have faith

Now faith is something like trust. Like even if you don’t see it, you believe that it’s real. If you read my blog post about To seek, To focus, To trust, the verse there is about having faith.

Let me share a verse:

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” -Hebrews 11:6

4. Be Patient

Wait. Don’t be in a hurry, God will always have a perfect timing for everything. If it’s a no, then that means, He has something better in stored. If it’s a yes, it’s a part of God’s will and plan for you. Grab opportunities! If it’s a wait, be patient and wait.

Follow God, and allow Him to be the ruler of your life. By that, you’ll see tons of amazing things that will happen in your life. I`m not saying that your/our lives will be perfect, we will still be facing problems and trials, yet He will always be there to guide us, protect us, and give us knowledge and wisdom.

Thank You, Lord!